The Lollopers

It’s the small things that make the biggest difference

The Lolloper series follows the adventures of four ordinary children as they encounter a magical world they never knew existed right under their noses.

Persuaded by the NumBugz to help fight back against the Grimper, they soon find themselves piecing together events going back hundreds of years in a race against time to save their world.

A fantasy series written for children aged around 7 to 12 – ideal for children to read on their own, or with parents.

The first book, The Eternal Cycle will be released in November 2018  – with The Spiral Staircase to follow in 2019.

I hope you can find what you’re looking for on my website but if not please get in touch.


A magical adventure that left me wanting more – can’t wait for the next one


Great story – even made me look at nature differently


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